Commercial Mechanical Inspector Study Guide and Practice Questions Workbook. Cliff Berger.

Commercial Mechanical Inspector Study Guide and Practice Questions Workbook.

BGR Technical Publications, 01/2008. for the ICC M-2 Certification Exam. Item #24905
ISBN: 9780979219177

From the Publisher;

Commercial Mechanical Inspector Study Guide & Practice Questions Workbook
is a complete study guide created to help you prepare for the ICC® M-2,
Certification Exam. This effective tool will show you a quick and easy way to
learn the code while you practice for taking the certification exam. While
merely reading and studying the code can help you learn, it would take a long
time to master because of the extremely large amount of data, exceptions and
variations it contains. It is almost impossible to have all that information in
your mind. That is why the tests are open book.

The best inspectors rely on the code book, not their recollection of the
code. It is extremely important to know the safety issues in the code. If you
have a basic understanding of terminology and you study using this practice
question study technique, you should easily be able pass the exam first time The
general practice questions, timed practice exams, along with special learning
techniques in this book will help you:

  • Increase your speed at finding the answers.

  • Learn the answers to many of the questions that will be on the test and
    thereby be able to answer them from recall memory, saving you precious time.

  • Become an expert at managing your time during the test, through test
    taking experience.

  • Quickly learn an efficient system of study

This system of study will teach you how to both recall the answers and
research the answers quickly and effectively, in fact, you will find that this
technique can be used for anything you want to learn and remember throughout
your life.

The first section of practice questions contains hundreds of questions
similar to those on the exam. It is designed to help you learn the code and give
you the practice need to the find answers quickly.

The second section contains several Timed Practice Tests, which will hone
your skills further, this time with the element of time in play, like the real

257 pages, paperback. BGR Technical Publications (January 2008)



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