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Home From Nowhere: Remaking our Everyday World for the 21st Century
Title: Home From Nowhere: Remaking our Everyday World for the 21st Century

ISBN: 0684837374

In The Geography of Nowhere (1993), Kunstler, a novelist, ardent and perceptive "citizen-observer," and masterful rhetorician, began his study of why suburbs, neglected Main Streets, and squandered cities are so bereft of beauty. Here, he continues his critique of American architecture, culture, and values and, in the process, identifies the source of the malaise people experience in and around the hideous structures that make every suburb resemble every other suburb. This degradation of the public realm is, Kunstler vehemently declares, nothing less than the degradation of the common good. Leaving aside architectural issues for the moment, Kunstler launches into a provocative discussion of the consequences of becoming consumers rather than citizens, of abandoning the community for an addiction to television, and of the corporate colonization of cities and the countryside. After both riling and delighting the reader with his ire, brilliance, and candor, Kunstler returns to the subject of buildings and chronicles the quiet growth of New Urbanism, a smart and hopeful trend toward improving American life. Donna Seaman, Booklist--

Author: Kunstler, James Howard
Publisher: Simon Schuster
Categories: Urban Design, New Urbanism Booklist,

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