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CARM: California Accessibility Reference Manual Code & Checklist, 6th Edition 2016
Title: CARM: California Accessibility Reference Manual Code & Checklist, 6th Edition 2016
An Ilustrated Guide to Title 24 2016 and the ADA Requirements for Accessible Design and Const, 2010 (Includes CD-ROM companion)

ISBN: 9781622701438

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From the Publishers:

The California Accessibility Reference Manual (CARM) is a quick and easy-to-understand reference guide that presents, delineates and illustrates the requirements of accessibility found in the California Building Code (CBC, 2016) and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA, 2010). Through its clear, user-friendly format and illustrations, the CARM presents the accessibility building requirements in an easy-to-follow format that will allow you to apply the California and federal requirements of accessibility to your work.

This 6th Edition is fully revised and expanded with NEW illustrations based on the:  
 2016 California Building Code, effective 2017.
Key Concepts sections give an instant overview of the topics covered in each section. 
NEW! Highlights sections present the information in an-easy-to understand, straight-forward 
          checklist format.
NEW! Checklist sections contain all of the code requirements of the CBC T24 and the ADA in 
          an easy-to-follow checklist format, designed to ensure you meet all the requirements 
          of the CBC and the ADA. 
          This section includes code exceptions, citations, illustrations, tables and advisories. 
NEW! Applicable Terminology Boxes place the relevant definitions of the code in each section.
NEW! More than 1,000 New and Updated Illustrations!
NEW! Dozens of details tables!
NEW! ADA Advisory text.
NEW! DSA Advisory text.

Author: Oussa Awad, Editor-in-Chief
Publisher: Builder's Book, Inc.
Categories: Architecture, Business/Legal, Calif Title 24 2016, Accessibility Issues,

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