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Home: How Habitat Made Us Human
Title: Home: How Habitat Made Us Human

ISBN: 9780465038992

From the Publisher:

 "Home is where the heart is. Security, comfort, even love, are all feelings that are centered on the humble abode. But what if there is more to the feeling of being at home? Neuroanthropologist John S. Allen believes that the human habitat is one of the most important products of human cognitive, technological, and cultural evolution over the past two million years. In Home, Allen argues that to "feel at home" is more than just an expression, but reflects a deep-seated cognitive basis for the human desire to have, use, and enjoy a place of one's own"--

From Builders:

A new approach to the idea of home...think a neuroanthropologist Bill Bryson. Fascinating...

293 pages, hard cover. Dec 2015  Basic Books

Author: John Allen
Publisher: Basic Books
Categories: History General & Modern,

Our Price: $28.99
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