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Cool Tools: A Catalog of Possibilities
Title: Cool Tools: A Catalog of Possibilities

ISBN: 9781940689005

Publisher Marketing: "Cool Tools" is a highly curated   selection of the best tools available for individuals and small groups. Tools include hand tools, maps, how-to books, vehicles, software, specialized devices, gizmos, websites -- and anything useful. Tools are selected and presented in the book if they are the best of kind, the cheapest, or the only thing available that will do the job. This is an oversized book which reviews over 1,500 different tools, explaining why each one is great, and what its benefits are. Indirectly the book illuminates the possibilities contained in such tools and the whole catalog serves an education outside the classroom. The content in this book was derived from ten years of user reviews published at the "Cool Tools" website,

Review: "Cool Tools" is a refreshing antidote to the hype that surrounds the latest hot gadgets. Unimpressed by newness for newness' sake, Kelly is attracted to objects that have withstood the test of time -- and is passing those ideas on to others. It's a habit he learned while editing and publishing the "Whole Earth Catalog", the bible of counterculture do-it-yourselfers who wanted in 'tools and ideas for the 21st century.'" -- Leander Kahney, "Wired News"

472 oversize pages, Paperback. Cool Tools Lab (December 2013)

Author: Kelly, Kevin (Editor)
Publisher: Cool Tools Lab
Categories: Industrial Design,

Our Price: $39.95
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