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Landscape Plants for California Gardens
Title: Landscape Plants for California Gardens
An Illustrated Reference of Plantts for California Landscapes

ISBN: 9780960598854

From the Publisher;

The goal of Landscape Plants for California Gardens is twofold. One goal is to provide a comprehensive illustrated reference of plants that are commonly grown in public landscapes and personal gardens throughout California. The second goal is to encourage and provide information that helps to conserve water usage in landscapes and gardens.

In response to the first goal, this book contains an Illustrated Plant Compendium containing written descriptions of more than 2,100 plants that are illustrated with over 3,100 color photographs. Written descriptions contain information about plant origin, physical characteristics, adaptations and horticultural and design uses.

The second goal is addressed by providing information on California climate zones, estimated water needs of plants, planting palettes and checklists that are organized and coordinated to facilitate choices that can help conserve outdoor water use.

The illustrated plant compendium in Landscape Plants for California Gardens is the most comprehensive source of color images and descriptions for California native and ornamental plants grown in California. More than 2,100 plants are described; many are illustrated with two pictures apiece. Over 3,000 pictures are included to provide close-up views for identification and detail while overall images show overall form and character. This combination of text and images provides a remarkable reference for designers, horticulturists and interested gardeners.

  • Plant Climate Zones & Water Estimates
  • Plant Lists
  • Planting Palettes
  • Illustrated Plant Compendium


About the Author;

Robert Perry is Professor Emeritus of Landscape Architecture at Cal Poly Pomona. His academic career began in 1972 and still continues today. During this time he has taught in the UCLA Extension Program in Landscape Architecture, Landscape Architecture Studies at USC, and at Cal Poly University Pomona. His career has been focused on the study of plants and water conservation. Bob has written two previous books on landscape plants and water conservation including:Trees and Shrubs for Dry California Landscapes, 1980, and Landscape Plants for Western Regions, 1992. His latest effort, Landscape Plants for California Gardens, continues in this tradition. This latest book greatly expands the scope of coverage and thoroughness of photography.

Bob has been a licensed landscape architect since 1972 and has actively participated in many professional projects where his expertise on California native plants and landscapes for water conservation has been applied and refined. He continues to be active in a variety of projects where he applies many of the ideas and information in his books.

651 pages, hardcover,Land Design Publishing (March 2010)

Author: Robert C Perry
Publisher: Land Design Publishing
Categories: Landscape Architecture, Landscape Garden Types/Design,

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