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Wong & Ouyang: Blueprints from Hong Kong
Title: Wong & Ouyang: Blueprints from Hong Kong

ISBN: 9781864703047

From the Publisher;

Cities like Hong Kong do not just appear out of nowhere. Behind and beyond the skyline and the tourist attractions, people from all parts of China and the world have worked together to overcome daunting internal obstacles and external forces. In architecture, Wong & Ouyang has been an important contributor to that immense effort. The publication of this book, Wong & Ouyang – Blueprints for Hong Kong on the occasion of its 50th anniversary, is a fitting tribute to the accomplishments of the firm.

In the last half century, buildings have become increasingly complex. The range of projects illustrated in this book – from master plans to building complexes to individual buildings – shows the scope of Wong & Ouyang’s capabilities. Looking at the procession of projects and how they have changed over the years, it becomes apparent that the long-term stability and continuity of the firm and its ability to draw on expertise from around the world has created a strong core competence and ‘institutional memory’. That has been a key factor in its ability to learn and improve with each succeeding task. The variety and size of the projects parallel the change and growth of Hong Kong to its present status as one of the most advanced cities in the world.

180 pages, hardcover.  Images Publishing (March 2008)

Author: Lam Wo Hei (Author), Robyn Beaver (Editor)
Publisher: Images Publishing
Categories: Architects, By and About, Regional,

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