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Quick Card: Construction Techniques: Stucco Essentials
Title: Quick Card: Construction Techniques: Stucco Essentials

ISBN: 9781889892580

From the Publisher;

This 4-page, full-color guide covers the basics of stucco exterior finishes, featuring clear illustrations and useful tables and tips.

1-, 2- and 3-coat stucco finishes are compared. Preparation of frame, masonry and concrete structures for the stucco finish. Safety precautions when working with Portland cement. Stucco mixes and mixing techniques, for basecoats (scratch and brown) and finish coat. Application patterns and tips. Curing each coat. When, where and how to use metal lath, control and expansion joints and other lath "accessories".

4 pages, laminated. Builder's Book, Inc. ( January 2007)

Author: Builder's Book, Inc.
Publisher: Builders Book, Inc.
Categories: Carpentry/Const Tech,

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