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Yurts: Living in the Round
Title: Yurts: Living in the Round

ISBN: 9781586858919

Yurts: Living in the Round takes you on a journey, starting with nomads in Central Asia who still use the yurt today as their ancestors did in ancient times and ending with modern-day innovators who redesigned yurts (previously only used in the backcountry and at campgrounds) for use as modern permanent homes and offices.

Yurts also offers advice on every aspect of setting up modern fabric yurts-from foundations and heating to building codes, bear proofing, and interior design. Photographs throughout book rouse your imagination, and the extensive resource section gives you the information you need to take the first step toward realizing your own yurt dreams. It is possible to meet our shelter needs without draining natural and personal resources. Yurts can help you reenvision your understanding of home from that of a market commodity to a concept of sacred space in which you can nourish your soul and find your place in the world. Whether or not you actually move into a round space, the concept and philosophy of living in the round will enrich your understanding of shelter and all its possibilities.

146 pages, paperback. Gibbs Smith Publishers  (November 2006)

Author: Becky Kemery
Publisher: Gibbs Smith Publishers
Categories: Regional, Alternative Const; Log, Timber, Rammed Earth, Straw Bale, etc,

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