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Building: 3000 Years of Design, Engineering, and Construction
Title: Building: 3000 Years of Design, Engineering, and Construction

ISBN: 9780714841465

From the Publisher:

Building: 3,000 Years of Design, Engineering, and Construction charts centuries of innovations in engineering and building construction with chapters covering:

  • Building and Engineering in Ancient Times: 1000 B.C. - A.D. 500
  • The Medieval Era: 500-1400
  • The Renaissance: 1400-1630
  • Global Trading, The Age of Reason, and Enlightenment: 1630-1750
  • Engineering Emerging as a Profession: 1750-1800
  • Harmony and Theory in Practice: 1800-1860
  • The Birth of Modern Building: 1860-1920
  • Architectural Engineering: 1920-1960
  • The Computer Age and the Greening of Construction: 1960-present

This comprehensive and heavily illustrated volume is aimed at students and young professionals, as well as general readers. It explores the materials, classic texts, instruments, and theories that have propelled modern engineering, and the famous, and not-so-famous buildings, designed through the ages, from the Parthenon to Chartes Cathedral and the dome of St. Peters, from eighteenth-century silk mills in England to the Crystal Palace, on to the first Chicago high-rises, the Sydney Opera House, and the latest "green" skyscrapers.

The book concentrates on developments since the industrial and scientific revolutions of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Incorporated within the continuous narrative are sidebars with short biographies of eminent engineers, excerpts from classic texts, stories of individual projects of major importance, and brief histories of key concepts such as calculus. Also included are extensive reference materials: appendices, a glossary, bibliography, and index.

640 pages, hardcover. Phaidon (March 2007)


Author: Bill Addis
Publisher: Phaidon Press
Categories: History General & Modern,

Our Price: $75.00
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