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Simplified Design of Concrete Structures, 8th Edition
Title: Simplified Design of Concrete Structures, 8th Edition

ISBN: 0470044144

From the Publisher:

For over sixty years, the primary source for design of concrete structures-now revised and updated

Simplified Design of Concrete Structures, 8th Edition covers all the latest, commonly used concrete systems, practices, and research in the field, reinforced with examples of practical designs and general building structural systems. Updated to conform to current building codes, design practices, and industry standards.

Simplified Design of Concrete Structures, 8th Edition is a reliable, easy-to-use handbook that examines a wide range of concrete structures, building types, and construction details. It includes a wealth of illustrations, expanded text examples, exercise problems, and a helpful glossary.

Highlights of this outstanding tool include:

-Its use of the current American Concrete Institute Building Code for 2005 (ACI 318) and the Load and Resistance Factor Design (LRFD) method of structural design

-Fundamental and real-world coverage of concrete structures that assumes no previous experience

-Valuable study aids such as exercise problems, questions, and word lists enhance usability

428 pages, hardcover. Wiley (January 2007)


Author: James Ambrose and Patrick Tripeny
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
Categories: Concrete,

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