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Slabs On Ground
Title: Slabs On Ground

ISBN: Slagra

Slabs on Ground (CCS-1 2010) starts with a brief review of fundamentals, the construction of slabs on grade is described in such a way that it can be understood by everyone. First, placing and finishing tools are described. This is followed by sections on the techniques used to place and finish a slab, including subgrade preparation, the use of vapor barriers, establishing grades, setting forms, placing reinforcement, and the proper techniques for finishing and the use of all tools. Achieving and measuring Slab Tolerances (for flatness and levelness) are also described in detail. Further chapters then go into details on jointing and on curing and protection of slabs. The final chapter presents some typical problems (such as shrinkage and curling, cracking, dusting, scaling) and provides some possible solutions. A complete appendix of definitions then follows.

Author: Aci/CCS-1
Publisher: ACI
Categories: Engineering, Concrete,

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