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Residential Steel Framing Handbook
Title: Residential Steel Framing Handbook
This is the first "handbook" on steel framing weve seen that deals with actual construction techniques and discussions of the ad

ISBN: 0070572313

This is the first "handbook" on steel framing we've seen that deals with actual construction techniqus and discussions of the advantages and pitfalls. Other features of the book include reference charts outlining standards and material costs, discussion of the latest tools and labor saving tricks of the trade, and details of the code-exceeding aspects of steel framing. This book is a definite must if you've been considering the option of steel in your work. 448pp. 350 illus. hc. (1/1996)

Author: Robert Scharff
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Book Co.
Categories: Engineering, Building Trades, Steel, Carpentry/Const Tech,

List Price: $65.00
Our Price: $59.95
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