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Hand Planes in the Workshop DVD
Title: Hand Planes in the Workshop DVD
45 Minutes

ISBN: 1561588997

From the Publisher:

If you are like many woodworkers, you own handplanes but never learned how to use them to their best advantage. In this video, teacher and plane expert Mario Rodriguez shows the basics of using planes and how four basic planes -- the jointer, the smooth plane, the shoulder plane, and the block plane -- can change the way you do woodworking.

In this video you'll learn how to:
  • tune and sharpen a plane
  • correct stance and planing technique
  • joint an edge
  • adjust drawers for a perfect fit
  • trim tenons and other joints
  • surface stock with planes

DVD. Taunton Press (September 2006)

Author: Mario Rodriguez
Publisher: Taunton Press
Categories: Woodworking, Woodworking,

Our Price: $19.95
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