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Manual of Low-Slope Roof Systems
Title: Manual of Low-Slope Roof Systems

ISBN: 007145828X

From the publisher:

For decades, this manual has been the best known and most widely respectedguide to designing and specifying low-slope roofing systems. It remains uniquein scope, being the only working manual on the subject that treats all topicsinvolved in roof design, from fundamentals to roof systems and material options.

Since the last edition of this classic guide was published, however, majoradvancements as well as sweeping changes in building codes due to hurricaneAndrew have forever changed roofing materials and design. This edition hasbeen fully updated and expanded to reflect these changes.

This new edition still covers all major types of flat, multi-ply, low-sloperoofing systems for commercial and industrial facilities, but the scope has beenexpanded with new chapters on: sprayed-in-place polyurethane foam roofs, metalroofs, polymer-modified bitumens, and elastomeric and thermoplastic single-plymembranes. New techniques for installing, renovating, and re-covering failedroofs are also discussed.

For architects, roof designers, roof consultants, contractors, spec writers,attorneys, materials manufacturers, and all others who need authoritative,up-to-date information on all aspects of roof technology, the Manual ofLow-Slope Roof Systems is the definitive text in the field.

600 pages, hardcover, McGraw Hill (02/06)

Author: C.W. Griffin and R.L. Fricklas
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Book Co.
Categories: Roofing,

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