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Villas of Lucca
Title: Villas of Lucca

ISBN: 192074472X

From the publisher:

This book presents an outstanding survey of the exceptional cultural context of the villas of Lucca. These stately homes are characterized by their unique artistic heritage and landscape of international interest.

Photographer Massimo Listri focuses not only on panoramic views but unusual details as well, providing a comprehensive depiction of the various themes discussed: the architecture of their palazzi and their surrounding gardens, and the glorious interior decoration and accompanying furnishings.

A wealth of images accompanies the reader on a journey through the vast hill country in the environs of Lucca, conducted by editor Gilberto Bedini who examines the different themes and geographical areas with specific attention to the landscape.

Marcello Fagiolo introduces us to the world of "pleasure gardens," examining in depth their cultural ties with the major European capitals and analyzing their relationship between the architects and architecture of the villas and gardens.

Cristina Acidini reflects on the tranquil use of the villa and the particular charms of country life, by brilliantly citing the observations of illustrious guests who, with a touch of international worldliness, have witnessed this lifestyle.

Enrico Colle takes us into the intimacy of the rooms, carefully analyzing the decorations and furnishings that date from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

More than fifty villas are lavishly documented with superb photographs and accompanying individual descriptive texts that provide analytical in-depth reading.

303 pages, hardcover, Images Publishing (1/05)

Author: Gilberto Bedini
Publisher: Images Publishing
Categories: Regional,

Our Price: $65.00
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