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QuickPass Study Guide for the Low Voltage License Examination - CD-ROM C-7
Title: QuickPass Study Guide for the Low Voltage License Examination - CD-ROM C-7
QuickPass software is designed specifically to help you pass your California State exam.

ISBN: c-7cd

Based on years of experience, observing what makes a candidate successful,the QuickPass developers created software that works the very same way. Theinformation built into every QuickPass product the practice questions andtheir answers is taken from current exams and it's kept up-to-date, so whenyou buy a QuickPass package, you're getting the latest collection of questionspossible. QuickPass Study Tools are Windows-compatible CD-ROM packages that helpyou prepare for your California State Contractor's License Examination. Toinstall and use QuickPass Study Tools, you'll need a computer with a CD-ROMdrive, at least 40 MB of available hard disk space, running Windows 98/2000/XP.The main objective and central purpose of the CD-ROM is to provide a concisepresentation of the examination.

A communication and low voltage contractor installs, services and maintainsall types of communication and low voltage systems which are energy limited anddo not exceed 91 volts. These systems include, but are not limited to telephonesystems, sound systems, cable television systems, closed-circuit video systems,satellite dish antennas, instrumentation and temperature controls, and lowvoltage landscape lighting. Low voltage fire alarm systems are specifically notincluded in this section.

BONUS... All QuickPass packages come with the Mathematics (58 questions) andBlueprint Reading (200 questions) practice tests, at no extra charge!

See our QUICKPASSpage for more explanation and a list of all the available topics!

Author: Builders Book, Inc.
Publisher: Builder's Book, Inc.
Categories: Business/Legal, Study Guides,

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