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Noise Control Manual for Residential Buildings (Acoustics)
Title: Noise Control Manual for Residential Buildings (Acoustics)

ISBN: 0070269424

A review from Book News, Inc. Anyonewho has had their thoughts and speech disrupted by neighborhood traffic,construction, or jet plane take-offs attaining the threshold of pain of 130decibels (dB), will find hope<-->and hopefully, respite<-->in thecontrol techniques for unwanted sounds offered in this reference. Directed toplanning, construction, and noise abatement professionals are: the principlesand mathematical representations of acoustics, government and industry codes andtesting methods, control costs, and design guide worksheets. Homeowners seekingpeace and quiet should find useful the sections on noise reduction throughinstallation of appropriate interior improvements; a noise control checklist;and if all else fails, general information on noise complaint ordinances. -- Copyrightę 1999 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR All rights reserved
From Builders Booksource:
What we would like is this book redone forthe layperson! An excellent book for architects, builders, city officials andengineers.
385 pages, hardcover. McGraw-Hill Book Co. (July 1997)

Author: David A. Harris, Walls & Ceilings Magazine
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Book Co.
Categories: Architecture, Building Trades, Reference/Standards, Carpentry/Const Tech,

List Price: $84.00
Our Price: $69.95
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