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Serious Straw Bale
Title: Serious Straw Bale
A Home Construction Guide for All Climates.

ISBN: 1890132640

From the publishers: For skeptics and true believers, this book will prove to be the latest word.

  • Thorough explanations of how moisture and temperature affect buildings in seasonal climates, with descriptions of the unique capacities of straw and other natural materials to provide warmth, quiet, and comfort year-round.
  • Comprehensive comparison of the two main approaches to straw bale construction: "Nebraska-style," where bales bear the weight of the roof, and framed structures, where bales provide insulation.
  • Detailed advice-including many well-considered cautions-for contractors, owner-builders, and designers, following each stage of a bale-building process.

This is a second-generation straw bale book, for those seeking serious information to meet serious challenges while adventuring in the most fun form of construction to come along in several centuries.

From Builders Booksource: We see this book filling the niche between the very basic introductory Straw Bale House and the Beauty of Straw Bale, and the "engineering/technical resources of Buildings of Earth and Straw and Straw Bale Construction Details, A Sourcebook. Excellent clear drawings, photographs, and text cover the whole process.
372 pages, $30 paperback, Chelsea Green (10/00)

Author: Paul Lacinski & Michael Bergeron
Publisher: Chelsea Green
Categories: Green Building, Architecture, Natural Building, Residential,

Our Price: $30.00
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