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Treehouse Book
Title: Treehouse Book
What a Hoot! GREAT pictures of treehouses from big to small!

ISBN: 0789304112

From the author: "The treehouse book is a culmination of 6 years of collecting photographs from all over the country and the world. I am so excited about this book that I can hardly stand it! For a long time since the first treehouse book came out in 1994 people have been begging for more treehouse pictures. I put out a book in 1997 (Home Tree Home) that answered some of the technical "how-to" questions, but the feedback was - more pictures!"
From Builders Booksource: We don't know why treehouses are such a draw...but they are! Both of the authors earlier books; Treehouses: The Art Craft of Living Out on a Limb and Home Tree Home: Principles of Treehouse Construction are continuing bestsellers. What section do we shelve these books??? As you can see by the image, most of these "treehouses" aren't exactly the sort that you and your Dad built when you were 6!, but most of us wouldn't really consider living in one...So they sit both in our "Landscape Construction" and "Alternative Design/Construction" sections. This new one is mostly a visual tour but the stories about each treehouse are so wonderful it's a treat to read as well. Perhaps we see our childhood dreams in these fabulous structures? What a joy! 224 pages, $25.00 paperback, Universe Books (7/2000)

Author: Peter & Judy Nelson with David Larkin
Publisher: Universe
Categories: Architecture, Green Building, Landscape, Residential, Natural Building,

Our Price: $25.00
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