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Current Construction Costs 2014 Open Shop & Union 51st Edition
Title: Current Construction Costs 2014 Open Shop & Union 51st Edition

ISBN: 9781933461304


Current Construction Costs 2014 - Published Annually for 51 Years

The manual is kept current by the Saylor Publications, Inc. editors and construction cost engineers. The annual Current Construction Costs, which is in its 51st year of publication, is the designated construction cost resource for the California State Register for public school construction. Saylor Publications also publishes the Current Residential Costs and Commercial Square Foot Costs.

The publications are utilized by many State entities including the Office of Public School  Construction, Legislative Analyst's Office, Department of General Services and many universities, construction companies and private enterprises.

USED by estimators, architects, builders, cost engineers, developers, appraisers, facility planners, contractors and others to prepare construction cost estimates.

Re-combining under one ownership the LSI Construction Cost Index produced by the Sierra West Group, and the Annual Current Construction Costs manuals produced and published by Saylor Publications, Inc., will create a permanency and foundation for the perpetuation and authority of the publications.

285 pages plus cd-rom with data and estimating program. Saylor / Sierra West  (Jan 2014)

Author: Saylor - Sierra West
Publisher: Sierra West
Categories: Estimating, Project Management,

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