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CARM: California Accessibility Reference Manual Code & Checklist, 5th Edition 2014
Title: CARM: California Accessibility Reference Manual Code & Checklist, 5th Edition 2014
An Ilustrated Guide to Title 24 and the ADA Requirements for Accessible Design and Construction (Includes CD-ROM companion)

ISBN: 9781889892993

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From the Publisher:

CARM: California Accessibility Reference Manual, Code/Checklist (5th Ed.) w/ CD-ROM 2014
This unique reference is a quick and easy-to-understand guide on how the Americans with disabilities act (ADA) and California's additional requirements work together. The California Accessibility Reference Manual goes beyond the regulatory language, and provides explanation and clarification, to help you apply California’s accessibility requirements in your work.

CARM 5th Edition is based on 2013 California Building Code (CBC).
Significant changes have been made recently to California standards for accessible building and facility design. As a result, the new edition of California Accessibility Reference Manual has been completely updated with hundreds of new illustrations, tables and features.

CD-ROM Included

From Builders Booksource:

We are often asked "What is the difference between CalDAG and CARM". Our best answer is that they approach the same issues from different perspectives. The organization of the books is also different. Our best advice? Buy them both, review them for a week and if you chose, we'll pay the return shipping for one of them. We bet you will keep them both!


Author: Oussa Awad, Editor-in-Chief
Publisher: Builder's Book, Inc.
Categories: Architecture, Business/Legal, Calif Title 24 2013, Accessibility Issues,

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